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My name is Malik Johnson aka K-rob. I recorded the rap classic beat-bop with the late Ramellzee produced by the late Michael Basquait. I also  was fortunate enough to produce records for the number one rap artist Jay-Z; Can I live II, and The Hova song; as well as the song Any day by Amil. I’ve had the pleasure to work with many other artists throughout my career. Although my career in the music industry lasted about 24 years; and I’ve had good and bad times my experiences allowed me to educate myself so I was able to deal with the vultures that were always waiting to take advantage of people.

Unfortunately, a series of events changed the course of my life forever. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in June 2011. I was scared when they first told me because I had an ex-girlfriend who mother had multiple sclerosis and I watch her lose her ability to walk and end up in a wheel-chair. I was scared as hell, asking God “why me” and saying “I’m too young,” I tried to do the right thing in the life, you see, I’m the type of person who tries to help people by giving them sound advice so they don’t make the terrible mistakes I made throughout my life. All I worried about before this was making money; but you know what’s funny, when you get sick money doesn’t really matter. It’s all about good health and family.

I’ve seen seven doctors, and I’m talking about some of the best in their field, only to be let down with a misdiagnosis. One day I woke up and felt like somebody put a 300 pound weighted jacket on my back. I never felt that way in my life. I believed that maybe I’d been working too hard and need to slow down, but suddenly I developed some pain and numbness in my left leg that wouldn’t go away. I immediately went to see my General Practitioner, and he ran some blood work and said you’re fine. He told me I needed to stop working so much and get some rest.

I took a couple of days off like the doctor suggested. However, I still didn’t feel like myself so I went back to him within a week. When I walked in his office again, he was surprised. I told him I was feeling fatigued and maybe he need to check me for Lyme disease because I used to train my German shepherd named Caesar on fields that were infested with ticks. The test came back negative; however he sent me to a rheumatologist because thought maybe I had lupus. The rheumatologist ruled that out and sent me to see a neurologist. The neurologist administered an EMG nerve test that was very painful. He stuck all these little needles in all parts of my body to test for nerve damage but everything turned out normal. Next, he ordered a cat-scan with contrast and that was normal too. Through this whole ordeal I started to get frustrated with the doctors, instead of them saying they didn’t know what wrong with me they were looking at me like I was crazy.

The weakness in my left leg still persisted so I went to see an orthopedic. He stated that I had Trochanteric hip bursitis and gave me cortisone shot in my hip area. Boy, that was painful, but I felt relieved that someone actually figure out what’s wrong with me. Two weeks later the pain was back so I went to see him again. He ordered an MRI of the spine in the lumbar area, but didn’t see anything. When he offered to give me another cortisone shot, I declined. However, I decided to go home and start doing research of my symptoms on the internet.

My research lead me in two paths first to a people having a stroke and then to people with Multiple Sclerosis. I always erased the thought out of my mind of having MS because I was relatively healthy until this point, and the actual idea of having it made me afraid.  I started researching chiropractors and came to the conclusion that I had Piriformis syndrome. I found a reputable chiropractor in the area and went to him for treatments after about four weeks I still wasn’t getting better. I was scheduled to see a new neurologist in a few days, but to tell you the truth, I thought about canceling it because I was so discouraged. I went to see the neurologist; explained my symptoms to him; and gave him a copy my medical history; just as I had done to the other doctors before him. He ordered another MRI of my brain and the thoracic part of my spine. I was still being treated by the chiropractor and I told him that the doctor ordered me to have two MRI’s.

Both MRI’s were long; about hour and a half each; so they had to be broken up over two days. I was nervous as hell and the machine making this loud clicking noise cling, cling, cling while it too hundreds picture of my spine. Finally, it was over and they give me a disk with a copy of my MRI. I took the disk to the chiropractor to analyze, because I had a rapport with him and I trusted his opinion. He quickly looked at it and said he doesn’t see anything, but wanted me to leave it so he could analyze it further. The next time I had a treatment with him I ask him about my disk and was everything ok. To my surprise, he said no but I’ll let your neurologist explain the findings. Of course, I persisted; you can’t tell me this and leave me hanging about your findings. When he told me it looks like you have early stages of MS, my world was shattered! I went home and broke down like a baby. I went back to the neurologist and he confirmed it, I have MS. Wow!

At first things were bleak to me, when I started researching MS. Everything was so depressing! Most information was geared towards people taking medication, and I was against taking medication. I refused to take the medication Copaxone that my doctor offered me because I believed it was toxic to my body and my research showed that most people who took it ended up in a wheelchair. I started researching people who either reverse MS or halted the disease and went on to live normal lives. I read tons and tons a book on MS and the treatments they used to overcome the disease.

I started to experiment on myself with a mixture of strategies and came up with my own plan that included supplements and good nutrition. I believed if I put everything good for my body in my body maybe it has a way in repairing itself. I immediately stop eating red meat, drinking coffee, eliminated white sugar, dairy, went gluten free, reduced saturated fat and increased my essential fat intake. Also I added different supplements. I started researching food for the brain and started eating mostly organic vegetables, wild caught fish, hormone free skinless chicken and turkey breast and I eliminated processed food. A week later I noticed that some of the symptoms stared to dissipate. Over the next few months my strength started to increase, I no longer had to wear an AFO posterior leaf for my drop foot. I said to myself, I have to tell other people who have been diagnosed with disease that they can get better through exercising, healthy eating, positive thinking, and resting!

I went back to my doctor and told him how great I was feeling since I changed my diet, but he said that I should take the medication. I told him absolutely not, I even showed him case reports of people who recovered from MS without taking medication. I knew I would rather take a holistic approach to my health then a radical one. I knew it was a no win situation with this doctor so I fired him.

From June to November it’s been five months of improvement, no relapses and almost three years since my first attack. I’m in the process now of writing a book on the steps I took to recover from MS. I created this website for other people who are diagnosed with MS and use or want to use alternative methods to help with their recovery. Also, for those who have been convinced by their doctors to take medication with no offer of alternatives methods for recovery. Remember there is no cure for MS no matter what medication you’ve been given.

It is my hope, that conventional medicine and alternative methods integrate for the betterment of the MS community. To my MS family this is a site for you to chat with one another about the strategies you use. Hopefully, it will also help people who feel still alone. I will do my best to give you the latest updates on MS from a holistic approach and a conventional one. I plan on incorporating delicious recipes that I’m using in my recovery. The recipes will also be featured in my upcoming book “I Fought MS Like a Boxer and Wouldn’t Go Down.”


Always remember to consult with a physician before trying any treatment. This website is not meant to cure or treat any disease. I am simply sharing what has worked and is working for me. Alternative MS Recovery will not be responsible or liable for the choices you might make about your health. Remember what Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food.” You now have a place for to chat and express your feelings without anyone judging you. I welcome you to alternativemsrecovery.com

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