Shocking health videos

Here’s another video to wake you up about taking medication for multiple sclerosis. I haven’t taking any medication for my ms because of the nasty side affects. Check this video out by Dr. John Mcdougall who’s carring on the work of the late Dr. Roy Swank.

This is another great most shocking health video that’s a must see. I rate it a four star. Let me hear your views on this subject. Since I healthcare system been diluting us. Here’s is another great video exposing the truth about Autoimmune diseases and some of the ┬ácauses. The truth shall set you free. A must see video. Get out the green juice for this one. This is a must see Video about the power of Low dose Naltrexone for Multiple Sclerosis. Rare footage of the late Dr.Bihari

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6 Comments to “Shocking health videos”

  1. k-rob says:

    I watched this video and it blow my mind. It put everything in it’s proper prospective. I hope you enjoy this shocking health video and it helps you to make wise decision about your health. Enjoy!

  2. k-rob says:

    I went to my quack doctor and he still trying to give me medication. I have no active lesion. So I asked him the question, Why doc. Having you watch the video or are you just to busy filling your work load. LoL

  3. k-rob says:

    This is the late Roy Swank. Must watch video. Enjoy!

  4. k-rob says:

    You might have problems when you ask your doctor for a dose of low dose Naltrexone but don’t let that deter you see someone else who will prescribe it

  5. k-rob says:

    Hey everything been great lately. Another year without any relapses. All praise be to god.

  6. k-rob says:

    HI everyone My book and recovery Cd is almost done I been working on it for the last five years detailing the things I did to stop and reverse my Multiple sclerosis. I Thank every one for their support.

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